Value added distribution of IT Solutions and Services

Enterprise-grade IT technology and partner support in the 'Digital Transformation' era.

ICOS S.p.A. is a Value Added Distributor (VAD) that’s been active in the IT business since 1987.

With headquarters in Ferrara (northern Italy) and offices in Milan, Bolzano, Rome and Munich, the company currently offers channel partners a set of products and services that primarily address the increased need for cyber security of business organizations.

ICOS' comprehensive portfolio includes security and infrastrastructure solutions, and is supported by a set of premium technical, marketing and training services, offered through a qualified team of engineers and sales people.

More than ever, digital technology is something that organizations cannot underestimate without putting at risk their ability to compete in global markets. In such a context, channel partners are not allowed approximate or unprofessional approaches. Instead, a careful analysis of customer needs, and a diligent implementation of the most suitable solutions are needed to effectively meet the requirements of businesses.

Based on this principle, ICOS is committed to be not only a reliable sales partner, but also a skilled technology reference. We want for resellers to rely on us to access the most innovative products, the most effective services and the support necessary to successfully address the complex needs of today's businesses. In addition to this, ICOS also promotes a joint market development effort to allow Partners achieve more easily their ambitious business goals.

Thanks to technological advances that were previously unthinkable, today business organizations can take advantage of powerful IT solutions that enable them create new value and increase competitiveness on global markets.

Digital Transformation is a transition process that has largely revamped the role of corporate IT. No longer just support to the core business, digital technology is now itself a primary business tool, opening up a range of new possibilities to those who know how to leverage it appropriately. Which means not only revolutionizing IT environment, but introducing a deep revision of business processes and models.

ICOS, which has always been at the forefront of promoting innovation, has chosen to best support the digitization process by providing all the technology and services necessary to implement the so-called ‘Digital Enablers’: cloud, Big Data & Analytics, IoT, AI and Mobile Computing.

To do so, we’ve focused specifically on two topics, which also constitute the two business units that form ICOS sales organization: Cyber Security and Infrastructure.

Business Drivers

The following are the keywords that drive the company's approach to the market, all oriented to provide the maximum support to the Partners' action.


Modular and complementary solutions, designed to respond in an effective and affordable way to the current needs of business organizations.


ICOS Engineers have achieved the highest certification of their technical skills, in order to provide Partners with all the support needed to win the most complex deals.


We carry a customized relationship through the action of dedicated sales accounts who are able to support the sales action of each Partner.


Supporting the generation of sales opportunities through promotional and business development activities driven jointly with Partners.
Riccardo Maiarelli
In an IT world that runs so fast, the advantage comes from the competence and skills of people. That's why these are the primary values for ICOS.
Riccardo Maiarelli President, ICOS S.p.A.

Who is ICOS

Value Added Distributor (VAD) offering channel partners a set of IT solutions and services designed to face successfully the most complex business challenges.

It delivers a full range of leading infrastructure and cybersecurity enterprise solutions, adding technical, marketing and training services.

ICOS S.p.A, Ferrara (Italy), Tel.: +39 0532 783411,email: - VAT N.: 01031270380 - Registerd Capital € 500.000,00 fully-paid.